Mckinney & Co. have been the forerunners in the creating outstanding bespoke curtain poles, pole finials and a range of window & door decorative furniture since 1991.

Unlike many, our products are all made in Great Britain, offering a truly British feel and allowing us to fully customise our original designs for our customers.

We hope our range of finials & curtain poles will inspire you enough to download our brochure, or, indeed visit our London showroom which is a treasure trove of not only poles & finials, but curtain pole brackets, curtain tiebacks, curtain rings, pelmets & coronas, where you can indulge your design senses, and where our friendly staff will provide a high class of service, interpreting your needs and offering high quality advice.

We also have a small range of curtain pole sets in stock ready to go at a very reasonable price and perfect for small projects, please visit our website where you will be able to buy the sets online.